RevCent TrackJS easily installs to enable advanced tracking

Paste a simple snippet on your marketing pages and main website for full insight on visitors' actions and conversions.


The simplest Installation

Literally just copy-paste your RevCent TrackJS script in the footer of all your pages. That is all that is necessary to track the full path and actions of your website visitors.

Customer tracking data stored in RevCent in real-time

As soon as the visitor lands on one of your pages with the TrackJS snippet, their actions and path are stored in RevCent. That data is attached to their sales and customer record for future sorting and campaign optimization.

Every Visitor Path Stored and Viewable

Every single visitor to your sites becomes part of your data set, not just the ones that sign up or make a sale. You can learn just as much from the non-sale visitors as you do from the ones who purchase. RevCent helps you maximize your information.

Unlimited Marketing or Money Sites

Even if you run thousands of marketing blogs and money sites, that's OK. RevCent lets you add as many domains as you want to your account for tracking. You are not limited to the number of sites you can track, and you are never charged anything extra for additional sites.

What our users say

I enjoy watching my live visitors at my websites from within my RevCent account. It sort of lets me see the level of action at any given time. It's so easy to paste the code too. I use Wordpress for my marketing blogs, and I just put it in the footer. If I can figure it out, anyone can.
Marketing Executive