RevCent provides natively integrated third party payments, including PayPal, as well as offline payment capabilities.

PayPal Native


Add your PayPal accounts to RevCent for native integration, including refunds and dispute monitoring.

PayPal Docs

Easy To Add

Follow the guide on retrieving your PayPal credentials, then link the account with RevCent.

Manage Orders

Manage your PayPal orders within RevCent, including issuing refunds and automated tracking updates.

Dispute Monitoring

RevCent will continually monitor your PayPal account for any disputes, as well as updates or resolutions.

Third Parties

Third Party

RevCent supports third party payment services, with the ability to add more upon request.

Third Party Docs


Supported third party payments are natively integrated within RevCent.


Add your third party payment credentials to link with RevCent in minutes.


Order management, including refunds, can be done using the web app or API.

Offline Payments


RevCent offers the ability to create offline payments, which provide flexibility when dealing with edge cases.

Re-Ship Items

Use offline payments as a means to reship items to customers, with notifications and shipping.


Keep track of offline payment sales using the same reporting tools as other payment methods.

Initial Sales

Subscriptions and trials are not supported for offline payments, as they require automated payment.