RevCent offers the ultimate array of reporting tools with pre-built reports, custom dashboard, BigQuery SQL and more.

Payments Report
Campaign Sales Gross Average
AdWords 382 82,672.44 216.42
Facebook 360 77,061.60 214.06
TikTok 315 66,005.10 209.54


RevCent continuously generates pre-built reports each time changes occur in your account, including new sales, renewals and more.

Reports Docs


All reports are generated by RevCent, allowing instant loading and quick multi metric analysis.

Popular Metrics

The most popular metrics suggested by users are calculated, compiled, saved and rendered in the UI.

Auto Updates

Each time a change occurs in your account, RevCent runs a new report, providing the most recent metrics.

Report Types

Multiple report types are available, with relevant metrics specific to each.

Chargeback Report

The chargeback report contains numerous metrics specific to credit card transactions that have a chargeback, including representment status.

Segments & Filters


Customers Report

The customers report provides a broad or granular overview of all customer activity in your account.

Segments & Filters


Fraud Report

The fraud report provides a broad or granular overview of all fraud activity in your account.

Segments & Filters


Initial Sales Report

The initial sales report provides a broad or granular overview of all initial sales and upsells in your account.

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Payments Report

The payments report contains metrics related to credit card transactions, PayPal transactions and offline payments within your account.

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Recovery Report

The revenue recovery report provides a broad or granular overview of all recovery activity in your account.

Segments & Filters


Subscriptions Report

The subscriptions report provides a broad or granular overview of all subscription activity in your account.

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Trials Report

The trials report provides a broad or granular overview of all trial activity in your account.

Segments & Filters


You Create


The RevCent dashboard is an extremely powerful reporting solution that enables you to create and run the exact queries you want.

Dashboard Docs


You build your dashboard exactly how you want, with the specific analytics you wish to view.


The analytics available when building your dashboard include counts, sums, averages and more.


The filtering, grouping and analytic options enables you to run the most granular reports possible.


You have the ability to have RevCent run queries at a specific frequency using the Auto Query feature.

How It Works

The custom dashboard consists of tabs and panels, each panel being specific analytic query with an element display.

Choose An Analytic

You choose an analytic for an item type, such as sum amount gross for sales.

Analytic Docs

  • Numerous analytics available specific to item type.
  • Aggregations include sum, average, count and percentage.
  • Values include amount gross, average per item and many more.
  • Certain item types have custom analytic aggregations.
Pick An Element

You choose an element for the panel which will display the final query results.

Element Docs

  • Several elements available, with custom settings for each.
  • Elements include bar charts, pie charts, tables and more.
  • All elements can be exported as raw JSON, PDF's and CSV's.
  • Some item types have unique elements, such as cohort charts.
Run The Query

Once a metric and element have been chosen, run the query for the panel.

Query Examples

  • Queries are run on-demand, ensuring the latest data is used.
  • All queries utilize Google Bigquery as the query engine.
  • BigQuery is scalable up to petabyte sized source data.
  • When the query completes, the output element is displayed.
Run Reports


Create automated queries within the custom dashboard and take actions such as emailing query results, running functions and chatting with AI.

Auto Query Docs

View Dashboard

Go to your custom dashboard in the web UI and choose a tab. If you have not yet created a tab, you can import pre-built tabs.

Select A Panel

Create an auto query by selecting a specific panel, in which it's query will be automatically run at a specific interval.

Set The Schedule

Set the frequency in which you want RevCent to run the auto query, i.e. every x number of hours, days, weeks or months.

Pick A Target

Select a specific action(s) to take once the query results are ready such as sending emails, running functions and asking AI.

Example Uses

Below are ways in which you can implement auto queries to fit certain business requirements.

Daily Report

At the end of each business day, you want receive a CSV report on total number of sales and volume for the day, for each campaign.

  1. Create a panel in the dashboard which counts the total number of sales and the sum gross amount, grouped by campaign.
  2. Add an auto query to the panel which will run at specific time, within your timezone.
  3. In the auto query, add an email action by selecting a template specific to the query.
  4. Query results will be converted to a CSV, attached to the email and sent to the recipients in the email template.
Gateway Alert

You want to be notified by SMS if one or more gateways have exceeded a certain threshold, such as gross captured transactions.

  1. Create a panel in the dashboard which calculates the sum amount of captured transactions, grouped by gateway.
  2. Add an auto query to the panel and set the schedule frequency to run every 1 hour.
  3. For the auto query action, select a function you created which is meant to process query results.
  4. Run a function that will loop through the results and send a SMS if any gateway value has been exceeded.
AI Summary

You want to receive a daily email summary of the total number of new customers for each store, in a human readable format.

  1. Create a panel in the dashboard which counts the number of newly created customers, grouped by third party shop.
  2. Add an auto query to the panel which will run at specific time, within your timezone.
  3. For the auto query action, select an AI Assistant created for summarizing query results.
  4. Query results will be sent to the AI Assistant, which will ask AI for a summary and email you the response.


RevCent stores your data within Google BigQuery for all reports, dashboard metrics and more. You have the ability to directly access your data within BigQuery via the BigQuery Access tool.

Bigquery Access Docs

Raw Data

All of your RevCent data is securely stored within Google BigQuery, an enterprise level big data warehouse in the cloud.


RevCent immediately streams updates to BigQuery when changes occur within your account, ensuring up to date metrics.


BigQuery was built to handle petabyte sized queries, ensuring all of your data is queryable regardless of total dataset size.


Run SQL queries on your raw data within the BigQuery console, via the BigQuery API or using an SDK.

Google Bigquery



Link your RevCent data within BigQuery to external tools and services for additional data analytics capabilities.

BigQuery BI

Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets to create and edit online spreadsheets. Get insights together with secure sharing from any device.



Looker is an enterprise platform for BI, data applications, and analytics that helps you explore and share insights.



Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop, and share.



Qlik is an analytics tool that helps you use your data to solve problems, meet new objectives, and address business needs.


AdWords To BigQuery

AdWords +
RevCent Data

If you link your AdWords account with RevCent, all of your AdWords data can be joined with your RevCent data, giving you the most precise advertising metrics.

AdWords Integration Docs

AdWords Data

All of your Google AdWords data is transferred to BigQuery, including detailed table views.

RevCent Join

The custom dashboard gives you the ability to query your AdWords and RevCent data as one dataset.


The AdWords data transfer service is fully managed by Google, with your datasets updated daily.

Example Metrics

Below are ways to utilize the power of being able to query your AdWords and RevCent data together.

Campaign Churn

Increase campaign spend based on the renewal rates per cycle.

  • Analytic: SUM
  • Value: Click Cost
  • Group By: AdWords Campaign
  • Element: Subscription Cohort
Keyword Profit

Discover keywords that produce the highest overall profit.

  • Analytic: SUM
  • Value: Sale Profit
  • Group By: AdWords Keyword
  • Element: Table
Network Products

Determine what products are purchased the most per network.

  • Analytic: COUNT
  • Value: Product Name
  • Group By: AdWords Network
  • Element: Pie
Audience Refunds

Identify audiences to avoid based on their overall refund rate.

  • Analytic: AVG
  • Value: Refund Amount
  • Group By: Customer Location
  • Element: Map