Credit Card Processing

Manage all your gateways and accounts, as well as the charges and refunds in a streamlined, logical interface.


Unlimited Gateways and Merchant Accounts

RevCent allows you to have as many merchant accounts or gateways as you need. Add, subtract, or toggle charges as required. This flexibility lets a business owner send their credit card charges where they want, when they want.

Own Your Data with Data Portability

Your customers and their payment methods are yours in RevCent, unlike most other CRM's. If you wanted to move your subscriptions or customers to another platform, RevCent is happy to get you your customer and credit card data in a PCI compliant manner. Never again let your data and subscriptions be held hostage.

Visualize Captures and Settlements

RevCent displays the status of a charge next to every successful sale. You can see if a charge is captured or settled at a simple glance. Filter and view your sales by Status to help visualize cashflow.

Process or Cancel Pending Sales

Declined charges or abandoned sales are stored in RevCent as pending sales. Click on those pending sales to re-try the charge later for an equal or lesser amount, or mark the sale canceled.

Easy Refunds and Voiding

One-click partial or full refunds and voids make it simple. No more waiting for a charge to settle, before you can enter the refund. RevCent lets you get the job done faster for happier customers and less chance of error.

Advanced Processing with Payment Profiles

Use RevCent's Payment Profiles to further advanced your credit card processing. Create limitations on specific gateway, discounts on declined and automatic salvage attempts after a decline.

What our users say

With our old shopping cart program, we had to wait until the next day for a charge to settle, in order to issue a refund if a customer needed. That was a giant pain. RevCent lets us enter a refund instantly, and constantly monitors the processor until the charge settles, and then pushes the refund through. This has eliminated the stupid excel sheets of pending refunds we used to have to keep.
Customer Service Manager
M2 Products Group