Advanced Tracking of Visitors, Goals and Conversions

RevCent's tracking tools include Cross-domain capability, Custom Variables and built-in AdWords tracking for deep insight. Tracking data stays with the customer, so future direct sales can be attributed to the initial source.


RevCent TrackJS

This in-house tracking solution lets you paste a tiny snippet of code on any webpage, and track visitors throughout their journey on your site, including conversions.

Cross-Domain Tracking

Many browsers are now preventing cookie tracking from across multiple domains. This interferes with many multi-site marketing schemas. RevCent's cross-domain tracking conquers this challenge nicely.

Custom Parameters

Want to include custom variables for tracking visitors? RevCent lets you amend your landing page URL's with any number of custom variables for tracking whatever you can think of.

Google AdWords Built-in

By pulling your AdWords data into Google BigQuery, RevCent tracks and stores the full array of information that AdWords gives for every click ID. See ROI and lifetime customer value for every single keyword and click.

What our users say

I have a CPA goal that is extremely specific and I need extremely accurate tracking to make sure I'm not over spending on any given campaign. I feel much safer in my decision making with the tracking I have in RevCent.