Deeply Embedded Google AdWords Data

Attach your AdWords account, and receive Google's full array of data associated with every Sale, Signup or Subscription.


Easy to Integrate

You don't have to do anything more than submit your AdWords account ID(s) to RevCent. We activate the account and your AdWords data begins to record in RevCent for every click, Sale, Signup and Subscription.

Full Data from the AdWords Click ID

Get more than just the keyword that generated the action. RevCent stores the ad copy, ad position, google network, device type, click cost, quality score, keyword match type, and even more. This is serious insight about the AdWords click that generated the action you are tracking.

Filter Sales, Subscriptions & more using AdWords Params

View and Filter Sales and more by the AdWords Parameter you want. For example, you could see at-a-glance, all the sales that came from a certain keyword, and THEN see all the future sales that the customer made. In essence, a lifetime value of a specific click. Imagine the possibilities.

Integrated with Google BigQuery

The vast amount of data that is stored from every AdWords click will create quite a large database. Normally, it would be slow and laborious to query or search that much data to find the insight you need. But RevCent merges all of its data and the AdWords data on Google BigQuery. That means you can query a massive data set any time you want, and the results will be lightning fast.

What our users say

My business is new, and many of my keywords on AdWords run at a pretty high CPA. I almost never break even or profit on the very first sale. For months I was worried that I was overspending on some of the top keywords. But after the third or fourth month my customers began to re-order, and I was able to see what keyword generated the initial customer (who was now on his second order). This let me see that I was going into "the black" for my investment on a certain keyword. RevCent allowed me to understand that I should keep spending, and that it was going to pay off.