Custom Tracking Variables for Maximum Flexibility

Create unlimited tracking variables to include in your links and reporting. Just create and name the variable, then include it in your landing page URL.


Add Unlimited Tracking Variables

Don't be limited to the old A= & B= tracking of the past. Load up your URL's with as many variables as you wish and gain insights you couldn't gather before.

Track the Campaigns that Don't Provide Tracking

Tracking campaigns that give you their own conversion snippet is easy. But the smaller campaigns that don't provide that, can leave you blind. Just send those to your URL's with custom tracking variables to know exactly how those campaigns are converting, and how you can optimize.

Filter and Sort Sales by Tracking Variables

View your Sales, Signups and Subscriptions and filter for the Tracking variables you want. At a glance, you can see any sales coming from 1 Variable, or even a Combination of Variables. Identify scenarios to Maximize, and Eliminate the ones that don't perform.

Ideal for Offline Campaigns

Track Radio, TV, or Print campaigns by sending their traffic to landing pages with custom tracking variables. Understand how much traffic and sales you got from these otherwise hard to track campaigns.

What our users say

We love the custom tracking variables for our email marketing. We get a very clear picture of what emails generated sales, but also we know what link or button in the email generated the click specifically. We noticed that more people clicked the link that just said "click here" than the ones that showed a full URL. That helped us re-word our links in a way that increased click throughs. It sounds simple, but little things like that make RevCent quite valuable to us.
Communications Manager