Accurate & Private Cross Domain Tracking

Your network of sites remains private, yet RevCent can track your visitors and their actions across an unlimited number of domains in your account.


Track reliably beyond the landing page

Many browsers now block cookies from tracking between domains. This means you lose your ability to track a user after they leave your off-site landing pages. Now you can benefit from the extra marketing sites without losing the tracking.

Your Domains and Network hidden from Spying Eyes

Google analytics allows cross domain tracking but you have to list the domains in your tracking snippet on all sites. Competitors can see all your marketing sites, and Google sees your whole playbook. Keep your private marketing sites private by using RevCent's cross domain functionality instead.

Maximize Your Marketing Footprint with Many Sites

Don't limit yourself to doing all your pre-sales landing pages on your main money site, just because of tracking limitations. Branch out to multiple websites for a wider, trackable marketing website funnel.

Never modify the tracking snippet

With Google's cross domain tracking, you have to update the snippet on every single website in your network when you add a new site. Avoid the hassle by using RevCent's cross domain capability instead.

What our users say

Google had suspended one of my advertising accounts for a violation of rules. Magically, my other accounts all got suspended within weeks too, and it was because my cross-domain snippets had literally TOLD them every account I had, so that they could suspend all of them. What a nightmare. Now I keep it private with RevCent.