Native Affiliate Integration

Give affiliates the ability to send traffic directly to your sites and track sales without the need for third parties.


Affiliate Portal

Create an affiliate portal with a custom name and branding, with permissions and customization throughout. This is where your affiliates will login to view their sales.

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Affiliate Account

Create an affiliate account for each affiliate and assign the affiliate to one or more portals. This allows your affiliate(s) to login and view only their sales using the affiliate portal dashboard.

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Assign A Unique ID

Give each affiliate a unique ID and assign it to their Affiliate Account in RevCent. The unique ID will attach to sales that originated from the affiliate.

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Affiliate Dashboard

You design and select the exact layout and metrics you wish to have your affiliates view. This is done by creating a custom dashboard specific to affiliate portals.

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What our users say

I enjoy watching my live visitors at my websites from within my RevCent account. It sort of lets me see the level of action at any given time. It's so easy to paste the code too. I use Wordpress for my marketing blogs, and I just put it in the footer. If I can figure it out, anyone can.
Marketing Executive