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Chat with the AI about the customer

02/28/2024 1:39:56pm


What was the ad source and ad id?


According to the customer metadata, the ad_source is "facebook" and the ad_id is "448802".

02/28/2024 1:39:56pm


What did the customer buy?


The customer purchased a USB 100GB hard drive.

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Segment your customers at a broad or granular level for targeted marketing, reporting and overall revenue growth.

Customer Group Docs


Create customer groups by setting the qualifying metrics, attributes and enriched data each customer must have.


Implement customer groups to engage your existing customer base, identify profitable audiences and increase revenue.


If used correctly, customer groups can become one of the most profitable tools for any ecommerce business.


Qualify customers for a group based on their individual metrics, attributes and enriched data.

All Qualifiers


  • Account Age
  • Lifetime Value
  • Number Of Sales
  • Number Of Successful Sales
  • Number Of Declined Sales
  • Average Sale
  • Sales Gross
  • Upsells
  • Abandoned Sales
  • Days Since Last Sale
  • Number of Renewals
  • Number of Successful Renewals
  • Number of Overdue Renewals
  • Days Since Last Renewal
  • Fraud Detections
  • Number of Refunds
  • Lifetime Refunded
  • Number of Chargebacks
  • Lifetime Chargeback
  • PayPal Disputes


  • Source Campaign
  • Products Purchased
  • Source Shop
  • Subscription Status
  • Tracking Params
  • Metadata

Enriched Data

  • Social Media
  • Email Accounts
  • App Accounts
  • Phone Validated
  • Phone Country
  • Email Validated
  • Email Deliverable

Example Groups

Below are examples on creating and utilizing customer groups to maximize revenue.

Dormant Customers

Segment profitable customers who haven't returned for a given period of time. Create special offers and incentives to get them to purchase again.

Lookalike Audiences

Create a customer group containing your ideal customers. Use the group to target similar audiences in Facebook, AdWords and other marketing channels.

Brand Loyalty

Identify and group your most valuable customers. Implement personalized engagement strategies using the group to build a loyal customer base.

Automated Tasks


Automatically engage customers, take actions and much more using the flows feature.

Flow Docs

You Build It

Use the visual builder in RevCent to create your desired flow.

We Run It

RevCent will automatically process the flow according to your design.

Endless Potential

Flows offer unlimited potential for conversions, engagement and more.

Flow Process

Flows are a perfect tool for business needing an automated engagement solution.

  • Design your flow using the drag and drop interface.
  • Each node can be either a start, filter or action.
  • Create filtered branches with variable actions.
  • A flow run begins based on the start node settings.
  • Each flow run is specific to the originating customer.
  • Flow runs are fully automated and viewable.
  • Great for short or long term engagement.
  • Flow runs can hibernate for variable periods.
  • Conduct time delayed outcome branching.
  • Offer specials to generate returning customers.
  • Engage abandoned carts and overdue subscribers.
  • Build a loyal customer base using personalization.

Flow Uses

Below are some examples on how RevCent users increase revenue using flows.

Abandoned Cart

Create a flow that checks to see if a sale was successfully paid. If abandoned, send an email to the customer with a discount.

Upsell Offers

After a customer successfully purchases, wait a few minutes, then send an offer with related products, warranties, addons, etc.

Valuable Customers

Create a high LTV customer group. When a customer enters the group, automate personalized engagement over time.

Custom Emails


Send emails automatically when specific events occur, including new sales, shipments and more.

Email Template Docs


RevCent sends emails based on triggers, with pre-event and time delay options.


Built-In Editor

Use both the visual and code editors to build the exact template you want.



Dynamic data is rendered using the familiar Handlebars templating language.


Make It Perfect

Use our email template builder to create and customize your email templates exactly how you want them.

Visual Editor

Use the built-in visual HTML editor to design your email template.

  • WYSIWYG visual HTML editor.
  • Add remote image URL's for branding.
  • Customize fields using Handlebars dot notation.
  • Drag and drop, coloration, font sizes and more.
Code Editor

Use the code editor raw HTML formatting of your template.

  • Make changes to the raw HTML code of the email template.
  • Handlebars syntax applies when editing via code.
  • RevCent will convert external CSS to inline before sending.
  • The code editor contains formatting, error checking and more.
Template Preview

Instantly preview your email template when changes are made.

  • View exactly how an email when look when sent to a recipient.
  • Changes to the visual and code editor instantly update the preview.
  • Handlebars and custom data is automatically rendered when previewing.
  • Rendered as an iFrame to best represent what the customer will see.
Input Data

View the input data for easy Handlebars templating.

  • Example input JSON data is provided. Click a property to get the shortcode.
  • Access JSON properties via Handlebars dot notation.
  • Utilize static JSON data to be included when rendering.
  • You can run a custom function return JSON dynamically.
Pre-Built Templates

Over 30 pre-built templates are available for you to get started.

  • Ready for production with the proper Handlebars syntax.
  • Two versions are provided, blue and black.
  • Find the template version you want and click the load button.
  • Each is built for specific triggers, such as new sale, refunds and more.
Trigger Tools


Events that occur within your RevCent account can be used to automatically trigger tools such as Functions or AI Assistants.

Event Docs

90+ Events

There are over 90 unique account events available as triggers.


Triggers are activated when one ore more matching events occur.


Events are integrated with tools such as Functions and AI.


Utilize dot notation expressions to filter only specific events.

Events In Action

Below are example uses showing the power and capability to take customized actions upon specific events.

Slack Alert

Notify a Slack channel when a credit card chargeback is created in RevCent.

Example Code

  • Create a function with a chargeback.created event trigger.
  • Use the example function code to message a specific Slack channel.
  • Parse the chargeback event details to customize the Slack message.
  • When a chargeback is created in RevCent, the function will post a detailed message to Slack.
Telegram & AI

Message a Telegram group with an AI generated summary of a query result.

Example Code

  • Create a function with an AI Assistant trigger and example code.
  • Create an AI Assistant with the new function as the action.
  • Create an Auto Query using the created AI Assistant as the target.
  • The AI response will generate a human readable summary and post it to Telegram.
MySQL Insert

Insert a new record into MySQL when a customer is created in RevCent.

Example Code

  • Create a function with a customer.created event trigger.
  • Use the example code for the function to connect to a MySQL database.
  • Make sure to whitelist the RevCent IP addresses for MySQL security.
  • When a customer is created in RevCent, the function will connect to and create a record in MySQL.
Run Your Code


Run your own custom JavaScript code, based on triggers and events that occur, all within a secure, isolated environment.

Function Docs


The language used is JavaScript, and your code is run via the Node.js runtime.


Your code is hosted and run by RevCent in a secure, isolated environment.

Event Driven

Your function is executed via triggers such as new sales, customers and requests.

Code Editor

Use the built-in code editor within RevCent to write your code. The editor includes error checking, formatting and more.


Execute your function using various triggers including events, URL's and more.

Trigger Docs

  • Account Event
    Function is triggered by RevCent when a specific event occurs.
  • Auto Query
    Process query results from an Auto Query.
  • Email Template
    Generate custom data for an Email Template.
  • Flow
    Use the function as an action within a Flow.
  • Payment Profile
    Run a function during the processing of a Next-Gen payment profile.
  • Schedule
    Function is triggered by RevCent on a fixed schedule using a cron expression.
  • URL
    The function is given a unique URL and can be triggered upon HTTP requests.
  • Webhook
    Send a POST request to a unique URL with a success or fail response.


Several popular dependencies are pre-installed and available for use when running a function.

AI Integrated


AI is not just a buzzword at RevCent. We are all-in on AI, specifically OpenAI, and have built tools for our users to combine AI with their RevCent account.

AI Docs


Choose a LLM from a list specific to your AI account integration.


The AI is natively integrated throughout the RevCent system.


RevCent can automatically interact with the AI when events occur.


Conduct actions such as email or functions, based on AI responses.

AI Chat

Message directly with the AI and wait for a response through the AI chat box in the RevCent web app.

AI Chat Docs

  • When logged into the RevCent web app, click the AI chat button to open the chat window.
  • Chat with the AI to find items, perform actions, run reports and more.
  • The latest LLM models are available when configuring your integration with AI and RevCent.

AI Automation

Have AI run automatically based on events that occur. Communication with OpenAI, including messages and actions, are done in the background.

Autonomous Docs

  • Activates based on trigger settings and runs autonomously in the background, communicating with the AI based on the design of your thread.
  • You have the option to only activate the AI based on attributes of the item specific to the trigger.
  • System actions are built into the AI and allow it to perform many different types of RevCent API calls on your behalf.

AI Examples

Below are ways in which you can utilize AI in conjunction with RevCent.

Engage After Call

Utilize the AI assistant to determine whether a customer had a negative experience with customer service, and if so follow up.

More Info

Summarize Auto Query

Utilize the Auto Query feature with an AI assistant to email you a dashboard report CSV with a summary of the query results.

More Info

Update Items

Have the AI update sales, change Key Values, run functions and more based on settings and custom actions.

More Info

Send Postbacks


Automatically POST specific API call responses to an external URL, with custom settings and filtering options.

Firehose Docs

Any Endpoint

Input a valid HTTPS endpoint in which RevCent will send a POST request to.


The endpoint will receive the raw response returned by the RevCent API.


Send specific API call responses based on the request type and method.


Any enabled firehoses are automatically triggered when API calls occur.

Firehose Process

Automatically forward all, or filtered, API call responses to URL endpoints using a RevCent firehose.

1 API Call Complete

Once an API call to RevCent has completed, a JSON response is returned.

  • The RevCent API call response is used as the POST body for validated firehose endpoints.
  • All response properties outlined in the API docs are contained in the endpoint body.
2 Firehose Validated

Enabled firehoses are validated to check if the API call response is viable.

  • Utilize the filter settings within the firehose to send only necessary responses.
  • For more advanced filtering and response parsing, we recommend using a function instead.
3 Send To Endpoint

RevCent will POST the viable API call response to validated firehose endpoints.

  • RevCent can append parameters to the endpoint URL if you require specific routing.
  • Include one or more headers that RevCent will include. Useful for authentication.
Self Serve


Have your customers login and view their sales, track shipping, update payment info and more.

Customer Portal Docs


RevCent hosts and runs the portal on your own subdomain using DNS.


Complete with built-in customer account signup and authentication.


Specify what customers can and cannot do when managing their account.

Portal Framework

Create a portal in minutes, then provide customers with a URL to signup, login and manage.

DNS Subdomain

Create a tracking domain in RevCent, complete the DNS setup process, and use the 'portal' subdomain.

  • Follow the DNS domain setup instructions to receive the portal subdomain.
  • A custom subdomain allows you to embed your portal as an iFrame on your site.
Portal URL

Each portal subdomain URL is given page paths for customer sign up, login and account management.

  • Portal paths are static, allowing you to embed, create links in emails and more.
  • RevCent takes care of the necessary auth system for secure customer account access.

Customers must create an account with the portal, verify their email and match existing orders.

  • Every customer must sign up with the portal and verify their email address using a code.
  • Email addresses must match existing sales in RevCent in order to view account data.

Once a customer is signed up and verified they can then view their sales, update info and more.

  • Customers can view their sales history, track shipments and manage subscriptions.
  • Payment and contact info can be updated by the customer, as well as pay past due renewals.