In-Depth, Customizable Reporting

Visualize sales, customers, revenue, and forecasts of exactly the things you want to see. Create unlimited custom reports by tapping into RevCent's vast array of tracked metrics.

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Unlimited Report Dashboards

Choose table or chart layouts for your reports. View them all on Dashboards that will let you visualize your business' sales, customers, subscriptions, forecasts, and even your Adwords spending and results.

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Custom Meta Data Reporting

Easily attach variables to your sales, that allow you to view events and customers based on those variable values. Use it to Track ads or traffic sources and generate ROI and Lifetime Value reports. The possibilities are endless.

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Ledger Based Reporting Paints the Real Picture

RevCent tracks your Advertising, Expenses, Costs, Refunds and Losses, to compare with the Revenues you generate. These metrics let you report on true profitability and forecast on a big-picture or even transactional level

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Google BigQuery integration handles any size data set

Lightning fast report queries for ANY size data set. RevCent even merges your Adwords data and RevCent data with BigQuery so you can create endless reports and seriously actionable insights.

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What our users say

We run multiple Adwords accounts for our traffic generation. It's awesome that we can run reports in RevCent that show how much revenue was generated from specific campaigns and keywords. We actually set up a report that showed the Lifetime Value of Customers by Adwords click ID. Wow.
Marketing Director