Google BigQuery Integrated for your Data Queries

Your internal data and even AdWords data are all on BigQuery, so no matter how large the data set is, you can perform the Report query you want, at the time you want it.


No waiting or batch reports

Many CRM's run reports in batches or alert you when your reports are done running, so you end up waiting hours or even until the next morning for your results. RevCent delivers your query reports instantly.

AdWords data fully integrated

Plug your AdWords account into RevCent, and the vast array of data from every single click is saved and searchable. This lets you run reports that merge AdWords details with RevCent actions. These can be huge data sets, and they are no problem with RevCent.

Deep dive all your data for new insights

The more information you have, or the longer the time period you analyze, the more accurate picture you see of how your business is performing. Since you can run queries for years and years back, RevCent lets you get a long-time real picture of how your business is performing.

Size Doesn't Matter

With the powerful integration with Google BigQuery, you can literally examine and query as much data as you have. RevCent sets no limits, and delivers you the reports and query results you want at incredible speed.

What our users say

I used to use a CRM for our subscription orders who made us cue a report, and then wait until the top of the hour for them to actually run the query. It was extremely frustrating. I'm very pleased to be able to look at my own data whenever I want now.