Deep-dive Reporting Lets You Reveal Actionable Insights

Create and save endless reports that can reveal the unseen factors driving or slowing your success. Limited only by your creativity, you can build reports like the handful of examples below.


Size of Sale by Search Keyword

Group all the keywords for which you advertise on bing, yahoo, and google. See the average sale amount generated by each keyword and identify the keywords that generate the larger purchases. Then, take action by ramping up the advertising for those elite keywords.

Conversion Rate per Landing Page

Filter visitors and sales generated by landing page versions. See which versions convert at the highest level, and which perform poorly. Then, take action by sending the bulk of your traffic to your highest converting landing pages.

Lifetime Value of Customer by Advertising Campaign

Query all the sales that came from the clients generated from a given campaign. See how much sales revenue came from a campaign's initial sales, plus subsequent sales of the customers. Get the whole picture on ROI, not just the customers' original sales alone.

Refunds Issued by Product Sold

Sort all the refunds issued by product sold. By doing this, you can identify which products are problematic, less profitable, and cost the most in customer service and bad reviews. Then, take action by improving that product, or reducing its promotional efforts.

What our users say

I used to use a CRM for our subscription orders who made us cue a report, and then wait until the top of the hour for them to actually run the query. It was extremely frustrating. I'm very pleased to be able to look at my own data whenever I want now.