PayPal integration with payment verification

Accept PayPal payments and double-verify payment receipt with RevCent's PayPal API.


Verify PayPal Transactions Before Fulfillment

RevCent stores a PayPal Sale as Pending, and then monitors PayPal until the payment is verified via the PayPal API. This prevents fulfillment of incomplete payments or uncleared e-checks. When an e-check clears, RevCent knows, and updates that sale's status.

Detect PayPal Disputes Automatically

RevCent continually monitors transactions on PayPal to detect any disputes. If a transaction is disputed, the sale will be marked "dispute" in RevCent, and notification emails can be triggered to alert management.

Issue PayPal Refunds Directly

RevCent lets you issue full or partial refunds directly, without the inconvenience of having to log into PayPal and manually issue the refund. All details of the refund transaction are logged in RevCent on the sale, for future reference.

Full PayPal Details Stored

Every PayPal transaction's full details are stored in the sale record within RevCent. This eliminates having to log into PayPal, and allows you to see all aspects directly within the sale's page.

Filter and View PayPal Sales

Visualize or manage all PayPal sales by filtering for them on RevCent's sales page. Isolate these customers for any reason, including accounting, promotion, or evaluation.

RevCent Hosted Pages Support PayPal

Integrate your PayPal account into RevCent hosted pages as a secondary method of payment for your customers. The same exact integration as a normal shopping cart with the click of a button.

What our users say

If you juggle as many processors as we do, and deal with as many subscription transactions, you understand the need to massage what processors get your transactions each month. We have drastically improved our bottom line by keeping high-risk transactions on certain processors, and keeping the low risk ones on our lowest fee processors. Not to mention the fact that when we go live on a new processor, its simple to plug them in, and let them slowly start taking volume. The tools RevCent gives you are on a very high level for real pro's.