Multiple Payment Methods and Powerful Processing Tools

Use unlimited gateways and processors, PayPal, check, and offline methods. Balance processors and salvage declines with rule based payment profiles and processor flows.

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Smart Credit Card Processing

Plug in all the gateways for your merchant accounts. RevCent allows unlimited gateways to accommodate even the most complex needs. Even manage refunds and voids within RevCent.

Manage Check and Offline Payments

Accept checks and offline payments. RevCent lets you manage received checks, enter check numbers, and specify if a check has cleared before further processing or shipment.

Create Rule Based Payment Profiles

Maximize successful transactions and salvage declines with Payment Profiles. You can create rules and processor flows to adjust a charge, or send it though a sequence of processors.

Verified PayPal Integration

Integrate your PayPal account(s) and RevCent will accept payment, and then verify successful receipt. You can even issue PayPal refunds within RevCent.

What our users say

My business uses recurring billing for our clients, and we would constantly struggle with declined transactions. RevCent let us automatically re-try charges a few days after they were declined, and we ended up saving a significant amount of them. That extra revenue has really put us over the top.