Create and Manage Subscriptions

Generate maximum lifetime value of your subscription sales with RevCent. All the tools you need to extend subscriptions and prevent cancellations.


View and Filter Your Subscriptions

All subscriptions from all sales channels in one place. Apply customized column views or filter your subscriptions to see exactly the ones you want.

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Manage and Edit Your Subscriptions

Subscriptions can be paused indefinitely, which allows you to re-enable it at a future date if the customer desires. RevCent also offers the ability to simply cancel a subscription entirely. The different options help keep reporting and forecasting more accurate.

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Offer Discount Going Forward

Prevent cancellations by offering customers a discount on their future orders. Just enter their new price going forward, and lock the customer in. This is a vital tool to save sales, and boost customer retention.

Modify Intervals and Next Sale Date

A customer needs to skip a few months? No problem, just enter the "Next Sale Date" on the subscription. Modify the number of days, months, or years between charges. Or, set the recurring to happen on a specific day of each month.

Modify Products or Quantity

Need to add a different product or service to a subscription? RevCent lets you modify the product or service that the customer receives each billing period. You can also modify the quantity of the item in the subscription.

What our users say

There is almost no objection a customer can make, that RevCent won't let you overcome. We have been saving cancellations with a greatly increased rate, now that we have these tools. Customers used to call to cancel their subscription, but now we can offer them a discount, or change the billing period in a way that the customer is willing to keep it active. Our revenue from subscriptions is way up.