Manage Shipments and Fulfillment

Ship one order at a time, or do mass shipments with integrated platforms like Shipstation and Shipworks. Customize your shipment rates and rules, and update orders automatically with tracking info and email notifications.


View and Filter Your Shipments

All shipments from all sales channels in one place. Apply customized column views or filter your shipments to see exactly the ones you want.

Manage and Edit Your Shipments

View all information related to an individual shipment, including shipping info and tracking data. Make modifications and see all related entities including sales and products sold.

Shipstation and Shipworks integrated

The best in bulk shipping software, Shipstation and Shipworks are both integrated with RevCent. Just enter your credentials on RevCent, and you will be shipping in no time with these powerful platforms.

Custom shipping rates and rules

Set rules in RevCent for shipping charges and methods. Base them on products or dollar amount. Enter your cost, too, for super-accurate figures in RevCent's inherent reporting.

Manually ship single sales

Just want to manually print your packing slips and postage labels? That's fine too. RevCent allows you to print your packing slips and manually enter tracking numbers onto each order. One click can change the sale status to "complete" when you're done.

Custom Shipment Notifications

Use RevCent's template, or the HTML email builder to create email notifications for your customers. Let them know when a package is shipped, along with the tracking number. RevCent even pings the tracking number, so you can notify customers when the package was delivered.

What our users say

The fulfillment side was my big concern when we were migrating our websites over to RevCent. I was assured that Shipstation was integrated and worked smoothly. I was so relieved the first morning we shipped our orders from RevCent, and everything printed without a hitch. At 5am, when we ship, nobody is in the mood for problems. RevCent didn't give us one. Thanks.
Warehouse Manager