Manage and Customize Notifications

Alert customers or management with notifications like sale confirmation, shipment sent, tracking number update and more.


Enable the Email alerts you want

Pick the email alerts you want to send, and disable the ones you don't. Set rules for triggering the emails based on campaign, sales channel, products sold, and more.

Use a template or go custom

Start with a pre-built email template for each notification, or use RevCent's HTML builder to create your own custom templates. You can include many "short codes" for your email templates to insert text like sale details, customer name, products sold, order summary, and more.

Set rules for sending notifications

RevCent understands that sometimes you don't want a notification sent to a customer. You can set rules to block the notifications when various conditions are met.

Create unlimited SMTP profiles

Relay your emails through your favorite SMTP service. Just enter your credentials and begin sending. Run multiple websites? You can create an SMTP profile for each one, and enable it for specific campaigns or products.

What our users say

We have a lot of subcription sales. We like to send an order notification email on the first sale, but not on the subsequent renewal sales. With RevCent, this was easy to set up, and our needs were met perfectly.