Shopify to WooCommerce Migration

RevCent contains a fully automated Shopify to WooCommerce migration tool.


Enter Shopify Credentials

Provide your Shopify API credentials. RevCent will automatically connect to Shopify and verify all permissions.

How To Get Your Shopify Credentials

Select Items To Migrate

Select the items you want RevCent to automatically migrate from Shopify. You can migrate the following items:

  • Products
  • Product Collections
  • Product Images
  • Product Reviews
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Pages
  • Page Images
  • Blogs
  • Blog Posts
  • Blog Comments

Items Exported From Shopify

RevCent will automatically connect to Shopify and begin the export of all items you chose to migrate.

Items Imported To WooCommerce

Once all of the Shopify items have been exported, RevCent will begin to automatically import them into your WooCommerce shop.

Migration Complete

One the WooCommerce import is complete, you will be given the option to review the entire migration results. If you are satisfied, the migration is complete.

Congratulations, you have fully migrated your Shopify store into WooCommerce!