Create Hosted Pages to send Sales, Customers, and Subscriptions into RevCent

RevCent's intuitive HTML page builder lets you make fully customizable and secure pages with your own logo and images. Create Signup forms, Checkout pages, View Cart pages, or anything else you can think of. RevCent's hosted pages are already integrated with RevCent, so there is no development or code knowledge required.


No html or code knowledge? No Problem.

RevCent's hosted pages allow you to build eye-popping landing pages or checkout pages, that are already integrated with RevCent. The intuitive HTML page builder lets anyone start taking sales or signups without having to integrate their own website, or do any programming.

Start with Pre-made Templates or from Scratch

Build your hosted pages with one of Revent's pre-made Checkout or Registration Templates. Customize them as you wish with logos and images, or even start from scratch for a completely unique and customized look. Add products for your customers to purchase either via a URL or pre-assign them to a page.

Create variations of pages to A-B Test

Send your visitors to variations of pages to track which perform the best and to optimize them for maximum conversions and success. Track revenue and sales by the page that generated the customer, for in-depth analysis.

Delight Customers with Custom Responses

No boring "canned" messages after a customer signs up or purchases on your hosted page. Create custom messages that the customer sees after completion that can include their personal and order-specific data. Include tracking snippets or even completely re-direct customers to a different URL.

What our users say

With the advertising spend we have, it's vital to know which landing pages are converting with the most success. We send some campaign traffic to 3 hosted checkout pages that we built on the RevCent page-builder. I'm literally able to isolate and compare the versions of my checkout page without having to pay my developer. This gave me a real advantage, and it's one of the reasons I tell everyone about your company.