Web App Examples

These are just a few examples. Check out the web app documentation for all capabilities.

Customizable Dashboard

Visualize detailed business analytics.

Customize the dashboard using tabs and panels.

Metrics, charts, time series data, maps and tables.


Create a tab named "Sales" and add multiple panels.

Customize each panel to visualize analytics using various elements.

Individually filter a panel or globally filter all panels in a tab.

Payment Profiles

Give every transaction the ability to succeed.

Flexible pricing can help capture revenue you may have lost.

Retry at different amounts, at different gateways or both.


A transaction may get declined at one price, but accepted at slightly lower price.

Utilize a payment profile to instantly retry transactions at a lower price.

Pick the gateways to use, and the discounts to implement.

Salvage Transactions

Don't lose an entire sale, or even part of a sale.

Recover lost revenue using salvage transactions.

Retry a declined transaction at any time.


You have multiple salvage transactions awaiting salvage attempts.

On the Salvage Transactions page simply click 'READY' on a specific transaction.

Use existing credit card info, enter new info and try different gateways.

Upsales & Notes

Upsell or amend an existing sale and take notes on the change.

Each sale details page provides multiple utilities with more upcoming.

Also add notes to customers, product sales, transactions, shipping and tax.


You want to add one or more product purchases to an existing sale, and take notes on the customers' specific change.

Use the Add Product Sale button to create multiple product sales. It will charge the customers default card, or enter a new card.

Take notes using the notes form. Enter your sale notes, click submit and its there. Easily delete if necessary.

Import & Update Products

Import new products and update existing products with a CSV.

Various options including updating based on ID, internal ID or sku.

View the update table and make modifications before you click submit.


Your product prices have changed and you would like to update with the new prices.

You don't want to go through each product manually and would rather update using a list.

Go to the Import Products page. Select your CSV file. Choose options. Click submit.