PCI Compliant

All payment information is stored within a PCI compliant architecture.


RevCent utilizes encryption, air gapped networking, enhanced monitoring, limited access and more.


No one at RevCent is able to directly access customer payment data. Programmatic access only.


All activity is logged in detail and analyzed by various applications for suspicious activity.

Enhanced Monitoring

Amazon Web Services enhanced monitoring and threat detection.

AWS CloudWatch

All website visits, API calls and automated tasks are logged in detail.

AWS GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty monitors and detects threats using machine learning.

AWS Shield

Amazon Shield monitors network flow and application traffic for threats.


RevCent is run entirely on serverless architecture, making it highly secure.

No Servers

Without servers, common attack vectors and security issues are irrelevant or significantly reduced.


Using event driven programming creates an environment where in-memory data is erased soon after execution.

DDOS Protection

DDOS (Denial of Service) attacks can be identified and mitigated without service degradation.