Fully Embedded Ledger-based Reporting

From the ground up in RevCent, all sales generate a ledger that accounts for the associated revenue, costs, expenses, refunds, postage, or any other factors you utilize. RevCent paints the whole picture for your business's financial success.

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Identify Areas of Loss

By keeping a ledger style record of all debits and credits associated with a sale, RevCent lets you identify problem areas. If refunds are killing your business, you'll know how badly. If coupon codes are reducing profits, you'll know by how much.

Improve Forecast Accuracy

RevCent shows you the real picture for every sale. Exactly how much is truly profited on a sale, or over the life of a customer. This more accurate picture enables your forecast reports to be vastly more accurate than simply basing them on expected sales. This is especially vital for subscription businesses.

Better Understand Cost Ratios

On a per sale or per customer basis, you can identify the exact percentage of revenue that is spent on associated expenses, and what percentage is wasted on refunds, returns or chargebacks.

Consider After-the-sale Factors

Profit Margins evolve over time. Your profitability at the time of the sale is different than it is 30, 60, 90 days later. Things like returns, refunds, and chargebacks occur long after the sale. RevCent's ledger feature reveals profitability over a timeline.

What our users say

We found that having all the pluses and minuses of a sale, listed right on the same page was helpful for gauging how well we were doing at the end of the month. It gives us peace of mind knowing that we are not wrongly assuming profitability.