Manage Usage & Metered Billing for Your Customers

Important: Usage and metered billing has been disabled for new users created after 12/01/2021. This does not affect existing users using this feature prior to 12/01/2021. We apologize if you wish to use our usage and metered billing. At this time we do not have the ability to support the time consuming implementation process required for new users given the high learning curve necessary with this feature


Unlimited Usage Profiles and Products

Create as many usage based products as needed, and assign them to an unlimited number of Usage Profiles. Create a profile for every possible scenario, so that no matter the requirements of your business customers, you have a solution.

Flexible Billing Options

Determine the billing interval you want. Set a billing period to a number of days, weeks, months, or years. Determine how you want to charge for each usage product. Select flat fee, fixed cost per unit, or tiered cost per unit. Even set specific sub-settings within each tier.

Freedom to Modify Customers' Existing Profiles

Enjoy the flexibility to change a customers' billing interval or cost per unit. Change between flat fee, fixed cost per unit, or tiered cost. This flexibility enables you to satisfy problem customers, or adjust a customers' profile to maximize their lifetime value.

Manually Add or Subtract Usage for a Billing Period

Enjoy the ability to manually add or subtract units from a customers' usage account. This can be done on the RevCent web app, or can be done through the RevCent API. This enables you to give "credits" to a customers' account or add chargeable units when needed.

Invoices Detailing Usage and Cost in Real Time

Delight your customers with the ability to see their invoice for the billing period. This is generated each billing period and is automatically charged to the customer credit card on file. Customer service agents can check on a customers' usage at any time. Any adjustments made to a customers' usage account are reflected throughout RevCent in real time. Leave billing on automatic, or disable automatic billing to manually charge customers for their invoices.

Manage Customer Payment Methods

Easily update a customer's information on their account. Name, address, billing address, email, phone and the usual fields are simply updated. Add new payment methods to a customer's account as needed. Allow customers to determine which card will be billed by setting the default card on their profile.

Smart Credit Card Billing

Allow payments to flow through your processors based on revenue rules, time rules, or a combination. Dictate how much, and at what times you allow charges to go through your specified processors. Even set up a sequence of processors to attempt your transactions, and alter transaction amount on subsequent attempts.

Salvage Declined Transactions and Lost Revenue

Maximize revenue by salvaging declined transactions. You can attempt to save a declined transaction automatically or manually, using RevCent's Salvage Profiles. Dictate specific rules and limitations on how much and when to re-try declined transactions. A customer's usage account can remain active after a failed payment to continue tracking usage.

Intelligent Email Notifications

Set up automated email templates for customers and management. RevCent's HTML builder can create your email templates, or you can build them from scratch. Email templates are triggered by certain events like a successful payment, a declined charge, an upcoming billing, an overdue payment and more. The emails can be sent immediately, or before/after an event by the number of days you specify.

What our users say

I love the way RevCent organizes Customers, Sales, Subscriptions, etc. each in their own management area. The customer service reps in our office learned the system within days, and are helping customers faster and more easily than ever.
Customer Service Manager