Sell Unit Based Products & Monitor Balances

Pre-sell units and track customer balances using RevCent's quota billing. Great for businesses that sell "units" such as credits, virtual tokens, etc.


Unlimited Quota Accounts

Each customer that purchases quota units will have a quota account and be credited units. A quota account keeps track of the current balance of all quota units a customer has purchased and consumed.

Running Balances

Let RevCent keep track of each customers's current balance of one or multiple units. Use RevCent's API to debit units, credit units, as well as check if a customer has units to consume.

Recurring Billing and Trials

You can sell quota units as one time purchases, trial purchases or a recurring billing subscription. Units will be credited immediately and on subsequent renewals if the product has recurring billing.

Unlimited Quota Units

Create as many quota units as you want. For example, Gold Tokens, Silver Tokens, etc. A customers' quota account balance will keep track of and reflect changes to all units purchased or consumed.

Manually Debit or Credit Units

Enjoy the ability to manually credit or debit units from a customers' quota account. This can be done in the RevCent web app, enabling you to give "units" to a customers' account or credit units when needed.

What our users say

I love the way RevCent organizes Customers, Sales, Subscriptions, etc. each in their own management area. The customer service reps in our office learned the system within days, and are helping customers faster and more easily than ever.
Customer Service Manager