Fully Customizable Hosted Shopping Cart Solution

Sell your products in our easy to set-up and fully customizable online shopping cart. Bring your own domain with free SSL or use our domain with a custom sub-domain.

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You can customize the color schemes to exactly what you want.

Easily set up and customize your own online store

Use your own domain, or use a subdomain with RevCent. Choose from our awesome templates, use the color picker to set the color theme for your store. Upload your logo, create your products and plug in your payment methods. You'll be in business in no time

Granular color and font settings

Pick the color and font for specific aspects of your shop, including body text, footer and buttons. All Google Fonts are available to choose from.

Custom nestable menus

Customers will navigate your store with ease, with RevCent's custom navigation menus and mega-menus. Link to pages, products, categories, and contact forms, in a neat and organized fashion.

Enable and manage product reviews

Let customers write reviews of the products they buy. You can approve them manually if desired, and you can require customers to have purchased a product in order to review it. The options are up to you.

Embed custom code for enhanced tracking and styling

Add your own custom code across all pages of your website, or only cart and checkout pages. RevCent provides you with a list of short codes you can include for extra tracking or customized responses.

Powerful customer account management

Let customers create accounts and track their orders, manage their payment methods, pay past due charges, manage newsletter memberships and more. As the owner you can assign customers to groups based on purchases and products ordered. You can update customers' accounts as needed, and place new orders for them with their saved details.

Enable Credit Card, PayPal, or check payments

Whether you have one card processor or many, you can implement them all. Balance payments between them as you see fit. Plus, integrate your PayPal account, or even accept offline payments like mailed-in checks.

Create any kind of product you want

With RevCent, the products you sell on your store can be shippable or non-shippable. You can make any product be a subscription product, a trial offer, a license key product, or even a usage/metered product. You'll manage them with ease after the customer's initial purchase.

Create coupon codes and discounts

Create unlimited coupon codes on your website. You can let them be a flat dollar amount, or a percentage. You can even specify if the code should apply to a customer's future orders or renewals. Additionally, you can set a code to apply once, indefinitely, or a certain number of times for any given customer.

In-depth tracking of your advertisements

Track all sales from campaigns, social media, advertisements and more, across multiple domains for the life of the customer. See exactly which campaigns or keywords generated specific sales, and then evaluate the value of the associated customers over their lifetime.

Subscription Management

If your store sells subscription products, you can manage customers' subscriptions with ease. Set the next billing date, customize the interval between renewals, pause subscriptions, cancel subscriptions, and offer discounts on upcoming renewals.

Salvage declined charges from your customers

Let RevCent automatically re-attempt Declined renewal charges on your customers' cards. You set how often to re-try the charges, and if you want to try them for lesser dollar amounts, or on a different card processor.

What our users say

We run multiple AdWords accounts for our traffic generation. It's awesome that we can run reports in RevCent that show how much revenue was generated from specific campaigns and keywords. We actually set up a report that showed the Lifetime Value of Customers by AdWords click ID. Wow.
Marketing Director